Key Tips for Cross-Border Deals

DALLAS — During today’s  session on cross-border transactions,  speakers offered key tips for the main phases of global deals:

Pre-signing phase

  • Have a letter of intent
  • Know the fundamental issues
  • Identify the key approvals and local closing requirements
  • Note new issues may arise during the deal
  • Structure your deal team to include experts from different fields

Diligence phase

  • Assess risk
  • Prepare the other side
  • Confirm choice and enforceability of remedies for breached warranties
  • Identify any compliance or regulatory concerns

Negotiation and documentation phase

  • Control document drafting
  • Know sometimes there will be a local transfer document
  • Note translations impact time and cost
  • Understand there is no substitute for negotiating face to face. It really helps for overcoming any cultural barriers

Closing and post-closing phase

  • Know if you can use original documents vs. electronic
  • Find out if the jurisdiction requires a company seal
  • In a multi-jurisdictional transaction, prepare for a delayed closing
  • Research level of bank involvement
  • Learn what if any post-closing registrations are required.

Tips for Improving Your Company’s Safety

DALLAS — Daniel Rabun, Chairman of the Board, Golar LNG Ltd. and Director, Apache Corporation, delivered the keynote address at Doing Business Globally this morning on how a company can improve its safety performance.

Whether expanding your company abroad, adding to the talent base or adapting to a new technology,  safety performance should be a main focus. The number one factor affecting a company’s safety performance: culture.

Key tips for improving your company’s performance:

  • Communicate with your employees.
  • Promote a unified company mentality.
  • Plan and manage talent development.
  • Implement safety and leadership training programs.
  • Promote a company culture that embraces change. Don’t be rigid.
  • Be adaptable to new markets and new technology.
  • Share and reinforce vision and values with your employees.