Spotlight on DBG Dallas – The Changing GC Role and Making Sense of the Current Regulatory Landscape

It is hard enough to keep up with the seemingly constant barrage of news stories, let alone make sense of how the big issues will impact global business. Our upcoming Doing Business Globally Dallas program on October 18 will offer real-world solutions and recommendations to the most pressing challenges we face today. Our sessions will look through the lens of senior in-house legal teams. The morning plenary coincides with this year’s theme, the evolving role of senior in-house legal teams as the “Guardian of the Corporate Reputation.” The panel, comprised of general counsel and board directors, will aim to explain how legal departments are guiding their boards on key issues impacting the enterprise, including innovation, geopolitical developments and risk management.

Autonomous Technology and Regulation

In our session, “The Evolving Regulatory Landscape for Autonomous Technology,” our panelists will grapple with the increasingly urgent need for regulatory oversight in a sector that is developing faster than anyone thought possible. Autonomous vehicle technology, in particular, is becoming a reality. A startup developing an on-demand autonomous shuttle service recently announced testing in Texas. According to an Axios article, the reason the company chose Texas is because the state has laws on the books regulating the testing of autonomous vehicles that are less onerous than California’s current regulations but go further than the state of Arizona. Autonomous vehicle companies are shopping from state to state for testing venues because there is no national regulatory framework in place. Our panel will explore the current regulations and look at what might be coming.

The Diversity and Inclusion Imperative

FactSet published a new study on which Russell 3000 sectors and companies rank highest in terms of gender diversity in leadership positions. What’s the verdict? The short answer is that the overall numbers have improved a bit since State Street Global Advisors mandated an increase in female representation on corporate boards in March 2017. The longer answer is that there are still few companies that come even close to gender parity. Our panel on “Emerging Trends in Advancing Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Goals” will offer the latest perspectives on increasing diversity on corporate boards, within legal departments and throughout the business. Find out which diversity and inclusion programs are game changers and what are they getting right. Our panel will deliver insights on how to build a strong corporate culture that fosters diversity, professionalism and respect and successful strategies employed by in-house legal departments to improve diversity in companies and law firms.

GDPR and Evolving Data Protection Regulations

Just as “All politics is local,” so are data protection regulations. First there was the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and then California broke away and enacted its own data protection law. Most US companies have no choice but to comply with both, even though there are currently no national regulations. Now there is increasing pressure for the US government to make a move. While most of us were watching one very heated Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, six tech companies also testified before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, where they lobbied for a comprehensive federal law that doesn’t go as far as GDPR. No one really knows if and when a national law will become a reality, so in the meantime, companies have to comply with sometimes conflicting regulations and balance US legal demands for data. Our panel, “Conflicts Between US Legal Demands for Data and Global Data Protection Laws,” will discuss how to identify conflict scenarios between US legal demands and non-US data laws and how to establish a multi-layered approach to addressing those conflicts.

We hope to see you on October 18. Take a look at the full agenda here, and you can register here. Stay tuned for more insights on our key themes:

  • Regulation and risk management in a complex world
  • Impact of innovation and new technologies on business models
  • Workforce challenges and the diversity and inclusion imperative
  • Evolving Strategies for global expansion and investment

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