Spotlight on DBG Seattle – Cross-border dealmaking, trade, risk management and more

With our Seattle Doing Business Globally event coming up on October 10, what are the big questions and challenges for in-house counsel?

In addition to our plenary session moderated by former McDonald’s General Counsel, Gloria Santona, “Guarding the Corporate Reputation and Creating Security in a New World Order,” several of our panel sessions will address the current geopolitical situation and trade disruption as central issues for global businesses.

The Dealmaking Impact

As the likelihood increases for a long trade war with China, global markets are reacting. Although 2018 has been one of the busiest years on record for M&A, even the first half of the year started to show signs of a slowdown in cross-border deals, according to a report by MergerMarket. Many companies seem wary of the deal environment for the remainder of the year and 2019 due to looming trade issues. In addition, increased protectionism and regulations on global deals in many countries have had a chilling effect on global mega deals. In our Seattle program, we will discuss the top trends in cross-border M&A, including CFIUS reform.

We will also take a deep dive into other cross-border trends, including the increased use of reps and warranties insurance as a deal facilitation tool in large and small deals, and how this can impact deal structure and overall strategy.

The Brand Expansion Impact

We’ll be focusing on trade again in our session on “Anticipating Issues in Global Brand Expansion.” None of us fully understand the scope or impacts of the tariff escalations between the U.S. and China of late, but the one thing we are certain about is increased risk when expanding globally. How will in-house counsel and business leaders manage this complex issue? Our panel will give you the tools you need to assess enterprise-wide risk as you consider expanding your brand globally. In addition, your entity structure can make all the difference between a precarious entry into a new market and one that is low risk. Our panelists will break this down and discuss the pros and cons of various options.

Amidst the Turmoil, Staying Focused on Diversity and Inclusion

Our fantastic panel on “Emerging Trends in Advancing Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Goals” will offer the latest perspectives on this issue that is only growing in importance. Many global businesses have strong diversity and inclusion programs in place, but which ones are game changers and what are they getting right? Our panel will deliver insights on how to build a strong corporate culture that fosters diversity, professionalism and respect and successful strategies employed by in-house legal departments to improve diversity in companies and law firms

We hope to see you on October 10. Take a look at the full agenda and register for the event on our website here. Stay tuned to this blog and our Twitter at @DBGInsights for more on our key themes:

  • Regulation and risk management in a complex world
  • Impact of innovation and new technologies on business models
  • Workforce challenges and the diversity and inclusion imperative
  • Evolving Strategies for global expansion and investment


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