Is Your Supply Chain Ready for Changes to Trade Policy?

Our Doing Business Globally program in Mexico City will explore how changes to trade policy may impact supply chains during our Session 1 discussion on “Is Your Supply Chain Ready for Changes to Trade Policy?”

This panel, featuring Baker McKenzie lawyers and senior business executives, will highlight recent developments on NAFTA, Pacific Alliance, TPP and other international trade agreements, while delivering practical steps for companies to navigate uncertainty and prepare their supply chains for all possible outcomes.

Adriana Ibarra Fernández, Baker McKenzie Partner

“Trade policy can significantly impact the way a company does business, particularly in terms of a company’s supply chain management,” said Adriana Ibarra Fernández, a Partner in Baker McKenzie’s Mexico City office who will serve as a panelist. “This panel is designed to help multinationals prepare for changes to trade policy and identify and manage supply chain risks.”

The panel will focus on:

  • The status of the renegotiation of NAFTA and how each of the players may react under various scenarios.
  • How the future of NAFTA may shape commercial relationships in key industries.
  • How recent developments on other major international trade agreements may impact multinationals operating in Mexico.

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