The Big Data Challenge: Privacy, Security and Compliance

As major data breaches continue to make headlines around the world, what do businesses need to know about breach notification and other information privacy and security matters?

Our Doing Business Globally programs in Chicago (Nov. 7) and Dallas (Nov. 9) will discuss this and more big data challenges and opportunities during our Session 1 panel, “The Perfect Storm on Data Privacy and Security: More Data, More Regulation, More Enforcement.”

Panelists include Baker McKenzie lawyers and senior business executives, who will explore what companies are doing to prepare for compliance in this rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

Teresa Michaud, Baker McKenzie Partner

“We’re witnessing a time of incredible transformation across industry sectors due to the advent of big data, as well as increased understanding among individuals about how much data exists about them and others. As a result we will see an increasingly complex maze of regulations around the world,” said Teresa Michaud, a partner in Baker McKenzie’s San Francisco office who will serve as a panelist. “This panel will discuss the impact of these regulations on multinationals, and offer concrete strategies to help companies respond to regulatory changes and other data privacy risks and issues.”

The panel will focus on several other challenges for data privacy and security:

  • Impact of global regulatory changes in key geographies such as Europe, China and the US
  • Counter-measures you may (and should not) attempt against cyber criminals
  • Responding to data-theft incidents in a way that does not put your company in Congress’s cross-hairs
  • Navigating the data privacy class-action minefield

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