Geoff Colvin Speaks on Achieving Success in Business

geoff-colvin-promo-pic-headshotGeoff Colvin, Senior Editor-at-Large of Fortune Magazine, gave the keynote speech this morning at our Doing Business Globally program in Dallas.

Mr. Colvin spoke to the audience about leading with confidence in an uncertain world and how business innovation is becoming necessary.

“Models that are completely outside the norm are working,” Colvin said.

To be competitive today, companies will need to implement new rules of business, and Colvin encouraged the audience to “have courage.”

Here are a few ways  top performers are achieving success, according to Mr. Colvin:

  • Innovate the business model: The No. 1 fear of businesses is the competitor they don’t even see as competition. These new competitors are changing the models.
  • Integrate all parts of the enterprise: The best companies are breaking the silos and bringing together the creators.
  • Build the new high-value skills: The skills of deep human interaction such as empathy, creative problem-solving and storytelling are needed.
  • Embrace the Friction-Free Economy:  Top businesses find a way to streamline their process for consumers.

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