Protecting Trade Secrets Globally

At Doing Business Globally in New York today, a panel of Baker & McKenzie attorneys discussed protecting trade secrets in the US, Europe and China.

The panel included Baker & McKenzie partners Bart Rankin from Dallas, Ryan Fayhee from Washington, DC, Jochen Herr from Munich, and Shih Yann Loo from Hong Kong.

A few highlights:

  • Technology has made trade secret misappropriation much easier for bad actors, as well as more difficult for victims to track and trace.
  • The International Trade Commission is often overlooked as a venue,  especially effective when the opponent resides outside the US.
  • Know your company’s trade secrets or “crown jewels” before a breach occurs.
  • Companies in the US who are victims of trade secrets theft may be  nervous when the government becomes involved. They may be concerned their trade secrets will end up in a public forum, and wonder how to work with law enforcement effectively.
  • The US government is very sensitive to protecting and working with victims.