Meet DBG Supporter, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

CCGA_Logo-SPOTKey support for Doing Business Globally in Minneapolis on Nov. 16 comes from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. The Council is an independent, nonpartisan organization that provides insight – and influences the public discourse – on critical global issues.

Founded in 1922 and located in Chicago, the Council convenes leading global voices, conducts independent research, and engages the public to explore ideas that will shape the global future. The Council is committed to bringing clarity and offering solutions to issues that transcend borders and transform how people, business and governments engage the world.

“Baker & McKenzie’s Doing Business Globally program offers an excellent opportunity to understand how top market leaders are managing cross-border opportunities,” said Ivo Daalder, President of the Council. “We are proud to support this unique event and I look forward to speaking at the program.”

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