Managing a Global Workforce

At our Doing Business Globally program in Minneapolis, our Track III session will provide an overview of key considerations in managing a multinational workforce amid a complex maze of local labor and employment laws in different jurisdictions.


Guenther Heckelmann, Baker & McKenzie Partner

“Companies are becoming more and more global, and therefore have to take into account the increasingly complex legal and cultural environments around the world in order to avoid violating laws in their HR policies, and to reduce non-compliance risks,” said Baker & McKenzie Partner Guenther Heckelmann, who will lead the three panels of the Track III session. “This track session will discuss trends and best practices in managing these issues.”

The track will focus on three strategic challenges for HR professionals and in-house counsel:

  • Handling the myriad of different cultural environments and legal regimes when dealing with a multitude of employees around the globe.
  • Managing the numerous labor, employment and benefits issues involved in managing complex multijurisdictional corporate transactions.
  • Navigating the ever-increasing different privacy regimes around the world to develop a strategy on how to avoid major compliance issues.

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