Chinese Investors Pour Billions into North America and Europe

Chinese investors poured a record $40 billion into Europe and North America in 2015, spending $29 billion, or 73% of the total in just four industries across the two regions: real estate and hospitality; automotive; financial and business services; and information technology.

Baker & McKenzie’s forthcoming report, “Bird’s-Eye View: Comparing Chinese Investment into Europe and North America,” is unique in revealing for the first time the similarities and differences in trends between the two regions. It also tells the real story of Chinese investment in 2015 by looking only at completed rather than announced investments, and including greenfield investments as well as acquisitions.  The full Baker & McKenzie report will be available in May.

Updated FDI

Among the report’s key findings:

  • Record breaking 2015 for both Europe ($23 billion) and US ($15 billion)*
  • Top three US states for FDI: New York, California and Texas
  • Top three European countries for FDI: Italy, France, UK
  • Busiest sectors in both regions: Real Estate, Automotive, Financial/Business Services and IT
  • Private companies invest most in US, SOEs in Europe

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