Getting Heard at the Deal Table

TORONTO — In our cross-border deals session in Toronto, panelists discussed how to make sure your local team in Canada is heard at the global table during an M&A transaction. Panelists included Baker & McKenzie partners Kamleh Nicola, Arlan Gates and Bill Richardson.

The discussion focused on identifying Canadian pitfalls that could sink a multi-jurisdictional transaction, and making sure the local Canadian team makes the global team aware of those issues.

Here are key takeaways and tips:

  • Get a seat at the deal table.  Have a local decision maker, preferably from the business side, as a liaison to the global deal team.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up so the global deal team recognizes the unique issues in Canada. Then, when the global team comes to you as the closing date nears, they realize specific considerations in Canada.
  • Keep lines of communication open — vertical channels between the local and global team, and horizontal channels between local business functions / units.
  • Implement a communication method to escalate matters that come up frequently but are not always recognized at the front end.