Tech Talk: Critical Legal Updates for Global Tech Companies

Baker& McKenzie practitioners from around the world gathered in Santa Clara today to share legal insights for tech companies doing business around the world.

Tech Talk

The event featured approximately 25 Baker & McKenzie practitioners, speaking on issues ranging from global privacy and compliance, to tax considerations and IP matters. Bruce Perens, a founder of the Open Source movement in software and a programmer and intellectual property specialist, delivered the afternoon keynote address.

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Here are some key takeaways from today’s event:

  • Environmental regulation is stricter in Europe compared to the U.S.  Sustainability is now a mandatory requirement.
  • In Europe,  companies should actively ensure that their products are environmentally compliant.  It is no longer good enough to rely only on suppliers.
  • Privacy prevails in Europe, with no data residency requirements.  Russia is the only country that has gone forward with a strong residency requirement effective Sept. 1, 2015.
  • Asia is very different from the EU when it comes to product compliance and safety standards.  Each country takes a different approach. China and Hong Kong are on two completely different ends of the spectrum.
  • Best practices for managing product compliance: 1.)  Ask engineers for known issues.  2.) Get your sales, procurement and product development teams all in one room.  3.) Pick a few jurisdictions for initial launch.
  • Baker & McKenzie Partner Ben Allgrove predicts Europe’s Digital Single Market will create  content portability,  guidance on N&T procedures, and some restrictions on geoblocking for IP reasons, among other things.