Entrepreneur Shares Story of Global Brands

John Paul DeJoria, co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems and The Patron Spirits Company, delivered the keynote address for Doing Business Globally in Dallas this morning, discussing the humble beginnings of his companies and how he grew them globally.


Some interesting facts from Mr. DeJoria’s address:

  • Mr. DeJoria started John Paul Mitchell Systems with $700. The company now produces more than 100 products in over 100 countries.
  • An early distributor of Patron tequila told Mr. DeJoria he wouldn’t sell more than 20,000 cases annually. Today they sell 3 million, and The Patron Spirits Co. is the No. 1 financially successful tequila company in the world.
  • When Mr. DeJoria wanted to expand Paul Mitchell into the United Kingdom, he targeted the top 10 salons in London and delivered top customer service and individual attention, promising full refunds for products that did not sell.  This created exclusivity for the brand in a saturated market.
  • When expanding internationally, your product or service must be of the very best quality. Second, go into the market not to just sell your product, but to get your product re-ordered. “The product or service must be so good they’ll want to re-order.”
  • Mr. DeJoria discussed his companies’ philanthropic initiatives — from purchasing limbs for land mine victims in Africa, to helping curb the spread of HIV on the continent.
  • Three months ago, Mr. DeJoria launched ROK Mobile, the first wireless provider in the United States to offer a mobile and music service under one roof.

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