5 Considerations for Global Business Leaders

Mike Walsh, CEO of the legal business of LexisNexis, delivered the keynote address at Doing Business Globally in New York this morning, highlighting five considerations for global business leaders.

Mike Walsh

  • Build Leading Positions in Attractive Markets: Companies must prioritize certain emerging markets over others for growth opportunity. Consider: How big is the market opportunity and how fast is it growing?
  • Innovate to Meet Evolving Customer Needs with Global Infrastructure: Recognize that customers in different markets have different needs, and customize products to best suit what they are looking for. Mr. Walsh referenced LexisNexis’ creation of Lexis for Microsoft, which allows users to access LexisNexis without leaving their document window. The software has a different name in different locations, but the general platform remains the same.
  • Optimize Global Workforce & Assets to Bring Maximum Value to Your Customers: To deploy the best talent, you must do so globally. Mr. Walsh referenced the global locations of the LexisNexis legal, engineering, content, customer support and editorial teams.
  • Continuously Measure & Improve Focus relentlessly on customer needs. Build a culture of rigorous performance and management, and continuously measure it.
  • Build a Strong Culture with a Higher Purpose: Mr. Walsh described LexisNexis’ Rule of Law Now initiative, and its efforts in Myanmar and other developing countries to advance the rule of law worldwide. Efforts like this build a strong company culture with a higher purpose.

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