Global Perspectives on Data Privacy

Track V at Doing Business Globally in Santa Clara today covered data privacy laws around the world. Baker & McKenzie partner Lothar Determann led the discussion, along with Baker & McKenzie partners  Ben Allgrove from London,  Carolina Pardo from Bogota, Raul Rubio from Madrid, Carlos Vela-Trevino from Mexico City, and Michaela Weigl from San Francisco.

Lothar photo

Baker & McKenzie partner Lothar Determann speaks during Track V at Doing Business Globally in Santa Clara on Monday.

Key highlights and takeaways of today’s discussion:

  • The new EU data protection regulation may or may not proceed soon. Companies should comply with current EU law, focus on other jurisdictions: such as Latin America, Asia Pacific.
  • Selling US IT products is harder after Snowden. Top 10 steps to consider include data center (access) location, company-specific FAQs and contract upgrades.
  • UK courts have started following Spanish court and EU Court of Justice on “right to be forgotten decision” and jurisdiction over US companies.
  • Latin American privacy laws focus on consent also in the employment context, whereas in most European jurisdictions, employee consent is considered coerced and disfavored. Therefore, companies have to develop regionally or nationally customized compliance strategies.

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