A Close Look at Codes of Conduct

In Track IV of Doing Business Globally in Santa Clara this afternoon, Baker & McKenzie Partner Cynthia Jackson and the panelists discussed global codes of conduct, touching on codes of ethics and hotlines, data privacy and supply chains.

Tips to take with you:

  • Whistleblowing is an international phenomenon. In 2013, the SEC reported that Dodd Frank whistleblowers came from all 50 states and 55 countries. Make sure your code of conduct is not overly U.S. centric by thinking through your company map and looking through the right lens. Find an expert in this field who knows what issues to spot.
  • Many companies want one single global code of conduct that covers all countries, which is possible if you do it right.
  • The implementation of the code is just as important as what’s written in it. A coordinated and cohesive roll out is key.
  • Ensure that you don’t include overly aggressive or untimely discipline. Be realistic so your employees know that you will follow through.

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