Learn What’s in Store For You at DBG

We recently updated our Doing Business Globally website with the full agendas for each of our DBG programs in Santa Clara, Chicago, New York and Dallas.

The agendas offer hour-by-hour breakdowns of the event, including each of our afternoon track sessions and the panels within them. Attendees can move from one session to another throughout the afternoon. For example, start your afternoon in Track I: Global Emerging Markets, then move to Track III: Minding Your Global Tax Burden, and end the day at Track II: Doing Cross-Border Deals.

On our website you can also view our updated event brochures, which include details on our morning panel discussions. The panels will follow our keynote addresses.

•   In Santa Clara, the discussion will center on how global business is expected to change over the next decade, with a focus on disruptive technologies.

•   In Chicago, the discussion will examine the future of doing business globally with a focus on M&A risks and opportunities for multinationals.

•   In New York, panelists will have a discussion on the future of global business and how it is expected to change in the coming years.

•  In Dallas,  the panel will discuss enterprising brand strategies, achieving global growth and protecting the company. Panelists include senior executives from Mary Kay, Frito-Lay and Pizza Hut.